Shortsale Follow up 1 year after Story 3

Shortsale Follow up 1 year later client 3.

What happened 1 year later after a shortsale was completed ? What were the effects ? This client was a divorced couple who needed to settle the sale of the home. In this case both sellers were ACTIVE Military. When handled properly the security clearance was not effected. If you are Military and are getting relocated PLEASE don’t wait. HIRE ME so we can work a plan to get your home sold and the debt forgiven if needed.

Everything went great for the short Sale no problem with getting the process done working with a hard charger realtor made it very easy.

My credit score it start to increase as the month gone on… HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! 

1. What kind of loan did you have and with what lender ? CONV LOAN

2. How much was forgiven ?ALL THE AMOUNT WE OWED ON THE LOAN

3. Was there any tax issues when filing? NO

4. How did it show on the credit report/points drop? NO

5. Did you miss any payments during the process? YES

6. Was there any communication from the bank after? NO

7. Was there any negative effects with work ? NO

Don’t loose your home to a Bankruptcy or  foreclosure. Let me help you navigate a short sale. I have 5+ years experience working for sellers just like you . I have 13 years Real Estate experience. Its not impossible you just need a good advocate and someone to help you through the process .

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