Shortsale Follow up 1 year later story 2

Shortsale Follow up 1 year later story 2 What happens after a short sale to the home owner. Did the worst case happen or was it a better outcome then expected. Here is a few replies from a seller who completed a shortsale 1 year ago. Im a shortsale listing agent with 5+ years of experience working for home owners who cannot sell their home for what is owed on the loan. If your in a situation that you need to sell but you have not equity I CAN HELP.

How did we meet – Through Heather (don’t know last name)

Did we stay in touch – Yes

Was I easy to work with – Very

Was Alison professional – Extremely

What was the biggest reason for hiring an agent – Having to do a Short Sale

What would you do different – Would have gone through Alison in the first place

Would you recommend me to others who need an agent to buy or sell – Yes

On a scale of 1-10  10 being the best how do we rate me – 10

Was the use of TECH helpful – Yes, it made the signing of all the documents very easy. 

May I use these answers as testimonial on my site – Yes

May we add you to a client call list for others to ask you about my services – Yes

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