The most amazing Real Estate story

I have to share with you all this wonderful story.
I was contacted in April by friend of my daughters who wanted to look at moving back to the beach to be close to family. They recently had a baby and being close to her mom would have been such a help.
I did a buyer consultation with her and her mom who was helping them buy a home. We had a home targeted for them just 2 doors down from her family. My buyer thought this was the PERFECT home and she was set on getting it. We called the listing agent and wouldn’t you know it , there was an offer on the house. My client was devastated. This was the dream home she had hoped for. We calmed her down and said ” lets just see what else there is”. After a few more internet searched we had a list of some wonderful options. A day in the car hoping in and out of homes we walked in to this charming brick ranch and that was it. She was in LOVE again ! This home was a renovated home with hardwood floors and a wonderful updated kitchen. My client was in love with the new cabinets, granite countertops , tiled glass back splash and new appliances. We just knew this was the right one. The home was locate only 3 miles from mom as well.

We wrote the offer and it was accepted. The sales price was a bit higher then what they wanted but was still with in budget. Next was loan process and home inspections. This is where is gets interesting. Since my client owns a business there was a TON of details research to have to do. The list of documents are UNREAL when proving income and asset now. As the loan process was moving along the home inspections came up with very little to fix. We were well on our way and my client was very happy.

First road block ! Time for the appraisal. Our offer price was 199k and the appraisal came in at 183k. We had to ask for a price reduction on the offer and to my surprise the accepted it !
Second Road block ! When it came to verification of loan docs this was a business that required certain docs that had to be refiled and a new tax transcript. We just knew the seller would release us from the offer but to our surprise they said they would wait.
Third Road block ! The IRS request was taking so much longer then expected we were now 30 days past closing and again to our surprise the seller did not kick us to the curb
Fourth road block ! We needed a 2nd appraisal because this was a renovated home and flip. Again we just knew we would loose this house.

After all this and about 45 days past the original close date WE FINALLY got the clear to close.

Can you agree this was a nail biting experience !

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