Truth in advertising

truth in advertisements
I’m not sure what you hear in your area when it comes to agents running radio ads. In Hampton roads I hear several doing thier best to stand out from the crowd. I’m going to be honest with my self and with my feelings. Just putting it out there now so if I offend you I’m sorry.

1. Who verifies the claims of sales the quote (50/1)
2. How can they compare team results to individual results as one in the same ?
3 Who verifies the amount of money spent on advertising. Thm verses others how do they know ? 
4. Who verifies client satisfaction
5 Who verifies tons of leads?
6 Who verifies more money, multiple offers, faster sale ?
I’m tired of hearing claims I feel are not 100% true. While I respect these agents I also feel the NOISE that is being made is hype. I’d love to hear ads on thier true accomplishment not a comparison on how Bad they think everyone else is while they are so great.

My claim to fame in this market is my experience, personal care and relationships I build through out the process. I’m never going to say I spend the most, do the most, and have the most. There is always someone better then me, you will never satisfy them all. 
So agents hear my plea DROP the negative agent bashing ads and focus of your one accomplishment. No need to tell them your better then other agents. Your client will see it in the results.

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