Happy 4th of July !

Im proud to be an American ( not always policy). Im proud of our Military members ( not always poilcy) . Im proud of Democracy. Im also proud to be a REALTOR. With America”s economy in the postition it is in I still believe the people who are able to buy should. Its a honorable feeling to “own” something. We made a decision in our early 20’s we were buying a home and have been able to buy 3 more since then. With a unstable economy it still gives me a sense of peace to be in control of knowing were Im going to live. I dont have to worry is the landlord tacking my rent and not paying the mortgage. Will I be evicted and not be ready for it. Okay off my soapbox ! HAPPY FOURTH of July. I hope your around friends family and freedom.

Happy 4th of July

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