Urban outfitters and Whole Foods !

Urban outfittersWhole foods  WHATS NEXT  ?

YEA for  Hampton Roads we are getting some super nice stores in the area and I am tickled pink. I was first introduced to a store called Urban out fitters by my daughter who was then about 16 so I would say about 5 years ago. We were in  NYC for a girls weekend and this was one of her missions , to find the URBAN OUTFITTERS, and shop till she dropped. One of the first things I noticed was its super trendy and very eclectic decor. I felt a little like I was going back in time to the 80’s but maybe in Europe some where. I was amazed at the style the kids were all drooling over.  Heck I felt like 50% of the things in there I could find at my local thrift store. It seems the younger and or hipper generation is just totally in love with this store. I can see the appeal for them as the style can sometime push the envelope. There was something for almost everyone there. 
Will you visit Urban out fitters in Norfolk when they open ? I bet even us old folks will find something that will remind us of the good ol days.

Whole foods ! 
YES YES YES !!!! Im super super exited about this store. Its almost like a candy store for adults but much much healthier !  The nearest one is in Richmond and every time we are up that we have have to stop and just browse the isle. You could spend in hour just walking the isle and looking at the well stocked shelves. I think this store will be a blend of Trader Joe, Fresh Market and The Heritage.  Have you ever been to a Whole foods ? You have to try it out, and tell me what you think.
Both stores are set to open this year 2012

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