First person saw it and bought it !

204 Crown Arch in Suffolk recently closed in record time ! This home received an offer with in 4 days of going on the market and at a record high value for the community.
We listed the home on April 25th with a list price of $277,000.00. I was concerend about the value because it was a tough number to find for comparables. I told the seller to expect $269900 and 3% cca for the buyer but the seller felt strongly about a different number. See my seller is a pastor and when you have a divine feeling you go with it they chose $277,000.00. I was terrified I would let them down when it came to the apprasial. After the listing paper was signed they called a friend from the the church for prayer support. It was a beautiful scene with family, friend and agent seeking wisdom and Gods will about the sale. The prayer was specific and clear… we asked for a quicksale at full price and terms unheard of in this market.

April 25th we received an offer at $269 and 3% cca we countered and it did take a few days to work the detail however the finial number 275k and 4k closeing cost. I did compromise to assit in some of the closing cost to make it stick but after all ,these are repeat clients, and I really wanted to get them what they needed.
The sale closed Tuesday and everything was smooth sailing.

So the next time you really need a good sale and your heart is right with God seek his will ask for what he will have done in your life and sale. You never know it might just be what you asked for.

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