Baby Boomer Sellers- Here are some tips.

Baby Boomer needs to sell home ! 

Here are some quick tips on getting your home ready for a younger crowd.
1. Ditch the drapes ! – YUCK its time to let the light in and make the room feel brighter lighter and show off its glory. Need privacy consider shades or custom blinds that are easy to open. Dont forget to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN the windows its amazing the amount of film that is on a window and you may not even realize it.
2. Depersonalize the space – REMOVE the family photos. If your trying to appeal to a younger crowd they may not connect with the photo of you and your grandchild. They also wont connect with the photos of the kids growing up over the last 20 years. 
3. Update the bathroom lighting.- This is an easy fix DITCH the GLOBE lights.
4. COLOR – Its time to freshen the home up pick a neutral color and PAINT ALL of the rooms. Drop the pink, green, mauve, rose and blue. Go for a beige, or sand color.
5. Fresh the Front Entrance- Here is the FIRST impression. The first 30 seconds to make an impression. Landscape with easy to maintain flowers, clean the cobwebs wash the glass and if your front door can take it PAINT it or REPLACE it.

Its hard to part ways with your style and it could make you feel like your in someone else’s home. I say get used to it YOUR MOVING  anyway. Start thinking about where your going and look towards that future. No looking back !!!!! 

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