Walk thru issues and getting it fixed

A listing agent story
Today was a walk through on a listing of mine and after the buyers inspector re inspected all the ” fixed items” we found,that a newly installed GFCI was wired wrong.  I’m a gal who says HUMMM let’s fix this now !!! My seller opened the box and started changing the wiring configuration. It took 5 tries and still no luck.

That’s when I kicked in. Pick up phone and called my SMART HUSBAND. Honey HELP!!!!!! I love being married to a smart man. Basically we had to figure out which set of white and black wires coming out out of the wall was the load and what was the line. We did not have a meter to check current. The next best thing was to touch the wires together and get a spark. My seller was hesitant about doing it so I grabbed the wires touched them and BAMMMM spark. We now know what set is the line. My seller grabbed the right lines re wired the outlet and now it’s perfect.

The moral of the story sometimes you have to grab the wire and create a spark !

And we sold and closed on the home 24 hours later !

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