To delete or not to delete ?

Should they stay or should they go
Why are people so rude ?

So we have a great website that is brining all kinds traffic for people to look at homes. Last night we get a new buyer who listed they have an agent. Our standard reply is GREAT but our site is for clients/ prospects that intend to work with us. We encouraged him to contact his agent ( that he said he had) for property information.

The reply we got was insane. He was livid that we were going to take him off

He said
Are you serious? you advertised online and what you are saying is that unless I use you I will not be permitted to view this site, What happens if i am a buyer that may want to buy one of your listings. I have retained a copy of this email and have the addresses fir these sellers. I bet these sellers do not care if I use you or not. I am sure that part of your advertising sales pitch for the listing includes this kind of advertising without the sellers knowing that your advertisements are discretionary to only people that work with you.


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