REALTOR® Statistics

REALTOR® Statistics

Hours worked by all REALTORS® (nationwide): 40 per week

Gross personal income by hours worked: $48,000 (median for 40-59 hrs.)

Percent of business generated by REALTOR® personal web site (all REALTORS®):

Zero: 37%
Over 25%: 10%
Real estate experience of all REALTORS® (median): 10 years

REALTORS® by gender: Male 43%; Female 57%

Formal education of REALTORS®:

Some college: 32%
Associate degree: 11%
Bachelor’s degree: 29%
High school graduate: 9%
Graduate degree and above: 11%
Some graduate school: 8%
Sides per agent: For all REALTORS® in 2009, the typical brokerage specialist completed 7 transaction sides or commercial deals

Median tenure at present firm (all REALTORS®): 5 years

REALTOR® affiliation with firms:

Independent contractor: 81%
Employee: 6%
Other: 13%
Source: 2010 National Association of REALTORS® Member Profile


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